Please help with the surgery for HAMILTON

Please help Hamilton!

This little 3 month old pit mix was brought to the vet by his owners who didn’t know why their little guy was crying, not eating and lethargic. X rays revealed that he had an intussuseption, a condition where one part of the intestine telescopes into another. Surgery is the only option. The owners surrendered the pup to Dr Hamilton at the vet and she performed the surgery on him today. We need to raise some funds to help offset the medical bill and while we’re at it – we will need a place for this sweetie to recover!! Click on the link above to make a donation through CHIPIn. You can also go directly to the DONATE page on this site or mail a check to: Paw Fund, PO Box 99485, Emeryville, CA 94662. Thank you!
E mail us at if you can help with the foster care for this great pup! We provide food, and any medications he needs.

This pup just had lifesaving surgery for an intestinal condition.