Paw Fund

The idea behind Paw Fund is simple. We help people help their pets. And when everyone can provide basic care to their companion animals, everyone’s pets benefit.

When pets are vaccinated against the diseases that most commonly affect them, when pets are spayed or neutered, when pets are treated for everyday minor medical issues like fleas or worms, the entire community is better off.

We provide services to two counties only – Alameda and Contra Costa. Because of the high demand for services through our free program, you need to sign up for our once-a-month clinic ahead of time.

Due to the large number of requests, we cannot provide services to everyone. Please note that signing up does NOT guarantee you will get an appointment. We get far more requests than we have space for. Sign up ends on the Thursday before clinic to give us time to assign appointment times.

Contact our team at for any other PAW Fund program information or to schedule spay or neuter.

This may seem obvious – please do not come to our clinics if you can afford the low cost options out there. There are pet owners who really are struggling. Don’t take a space at a free clinic from someone else! We strongly recommend Pet Vet Pet Food, a great independent business which has a low cost vet and vaccine option four days a week (2 days at each location they have in Oakland and El Cerrito). Please check them out.

Our programs work by partnering with veterinarians, public and private agencies, and most importantly with pet owners who may not be able access or afford regular vet care. By keeping pets healthy, we help to keep pets in their homes and out of animal shelters. The more we help pet owners take care of their companion animals, the fewer pets end up in our overcrowded city and county shelters.

Our animal companions are family. And we know that, sometimes, it’s hard to afford the basic costs of caring for a pet. That’s where Paw Fund can help.

Free & ‘Pay What You Can’ Pet Health Care

Paw Fund runs free pet vaccine clinics every month. We also offer free and low-cost pet health services like spaying and neutering. And we can sometimes provide pet supplies and information (in both English and Spanish) to help you care for your dog or cat.

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Pet Vaccine Clinic Info

Our clinic is open to anyone who lives in either Contra Costa or Alameda counties. It doesn’t matter if you’re homeless or undocumented. Everyone is welcome, and we don’t ask you to prove you need our help, but our clinics are intended for low income, no income or homeless pet owners, so if you can afford to go to a low cost option like Pet Vet, please do. Space is limited. Many people get turned away, so if you get a space, someone else does not. Please consider whether you might be taking space from someone less able to afford an alternative.

Since COVID 19 we have had to change our process to meet health and safety regulations in place at city, county and state level. 

We prioritize pets who are young and under-vaccinated. Adult pets with prior vaccines are less likely to be seen. We can schedule a small number of pets to see the vet for specific medical concerns, but this number is very limited.

If you are unable to use the online form, send an email to for assistance.

Our clinic has to be primarily vehicle based, and you will need to stay in your vehicle while services are provided to your pets. If you do not have a vehicle, we have some limited space for ‘walk up’s’ so please don’t worry that you won’t be seen without a vehicle.

You will need to wear a mask at all times and keep social distance from our crew and other clinic visitors. Our intake team will check you in and get you to an assigned parking spot and our tech team will make sure your pets are safely provided services while you wait in your vehicle. Our vet will discuss any concerns with you at your vehicle.

Dogs need to have a harness or collar and be on leash, and cats must be in a carrier.

Do not come to the clinic if you are sick, are experiencing COVID like symptoms, have tested positive for COVID within the previous 14 days, or had contact with an infected person. And please do not bring sick animals to the clinic without consulting with us first. We need to be aware of everyone’s safety – human and animal. THANK YOU.

Free Pet Vaccine Clinic Details & Dates for 2021


Location for our once a month clinic

PLEASE NOTE! We are not a bricks and mortar facility. We have no clinic or office building or shelter. Our clinics are all mobile clinics in parking lots, or in neighborhoods.