From PAW Fund’s founder:

Having to give up a pet you love is one of the hardest things any pet owner will ever do. I know the feeling. When I was a kid my family moved a lot and the animals got left behind. It broke my young heart. Which is why we at PAW Fund understand what you go through when you are faced with one of those crises out of your control when you are no longer able to keep your pet. Occasionally we can help by taking your pups or dogs (rarely can we take cats or kittens).

But PAW Fund is not primarily a rescue and adoption group and we don’t have a facility, so we aren’t able to take too many animals into our program. There are many great organizations in this area whose primary focus is rescuing animals from shelters and finding them great new homes. Depending on what kind of pet you have, you may be able to place your pet with one of them — thereby preventing it from having to go to a municipal (city or county) shelter. But unfortunately many of those agencies don’t take owner surrenders so it puts you in the position of having to take your pet to the local city or county pound.

If you need some advice, or feel unable to get the help you need, contact us. We can’t guarantee to take your pet, but we’ll try to give the most practical advice we can. Email us: