If you would like to get your pet fixed here’s what you need to do:

There are a number of low cost programs in the East Bay including FREE fix programs if you own a pitbull. Please check to see if you qualify for other programs before asking for help from us. We have limited funds. Please don’t take resources away from people who really need the help.

If you need our help, we will give it. Email us at: admin@pawfund.org and give us information about your pet: breed, age, gender, health issues and your contact information including which city you live in, and we will connect you with a program that can help you.

We do not require a co-payment, but as we cover the cost of these surgeries, we appreciate any contribution you can make. Then we can do more for everyone else who needs help. For example if you have a large breed female dog who needs spaying that costs us anywhere from $175 – $250. Please consider making a donation via PayPal when you ask for help. Any amount helps.

If you get your pet spayed or neutered through our program we will provide a FREE Home Again Microchip which is usually implanted at the time of surgery or if the vet doing the surgery does not offer that service, we can implant the chip at our clinics – and that includes a lifetime registration. Once your pet is registered in their database, it is in their system for life. You do not need to renew memberships or pay fees each year.

Microchips work, they are the best way to get your lost dog back home. And if your pet needs vaccines you are welcome to come to our FREE Clinics both before and after the spay/neuter surgery to ensure your pet is getting the care they need to be healthy.

Please Spay or Neuter your Pet

Here are two great reasons to get your animal spayed or neutered:

1. The health and safety of your pet

Your pet will be healthier, be less likely to develop certain cancers, be less likely to roam or to get into fights.

Female dogs and cats are at risk from mammary tumours (often fatal in cats) and pyometra, an infection of the uterus which is fatal if not treated.

 2. Every 8 seconds in the United States a dog or cat is euthanised in an animal shelter

Unfortunately that statement is true. We are careless when we breed animals for which there are not enough homes. Pitbulls and bully breeds and chihuahuas and chi mixes are the breeds more frequently killed in shelters. Even if you think your dog or cat is a rare breed, over 25% of animals in shelters are purebreeds, many of which have been bought from puppy mills, pet stores or breeders. We understand the desire to ‘just let my dog have one litter’, but the dogs are paying the highest price – with their lives. If you love your pet – get it fixed. And let us help you.

Cat Spay/Neuter

If you live in the East Bay and need your cat fixed, the ANIMAL FIX CLINIC used to be Fix Our Ferals in Richmond has low-cost rates for feral cat caretakers and slightly higher (but still low compared to regular vets) rates for owners of domestic cats.