Amazing Event in People’s Park!

The first joint event with our partners at PALS (People And Animals Living Safely) was a huge success as you can see from this DAILY CAL report. We were unsure how many people our event would attract, and we had purposely kept our publicity limited because this was definitely a test run – taking free services directly to a community. We saw 44 animals, 37 received vaccines, and many received other services  like microchips, nail trims, food and flea treatment. We signed up 13 animals for spay/neuter surgeries. One dog which arrived sick was immediately sent to a vet and received treatment, courtesy of PAW FUND. And now we know we can do it, we are planning our next event/s!

Thank you to all our partners, supporters and volunteers:

PALS (Maya deNola and Danielle Spiegelman) / EAST BAY SPCA (Jaime Lowry and the Humane Advocate Program) / Devin and Robbie at the PEOPLE’S PARK OFFICE / Vicky, Tina and Chris at ALPHA PET SUPPLY in Albany /Dr Mattu and his staff at UNIVERSITY VET in Berkeley / BERKELEY ANIMAL CARE SERVICES.

And most especially our dedicated vet tech and administrative volunteers who rocked!!!

As you can imagine, this sort of event needs the support of so many people. What PAW FUND is showing is that there is so much more that needs to be done to provide an adequate safety net for the animals of people who love their pets but cannot afford the care they need sometimes. Accidents happen, dogs get sick, cats become ill, vaccines become overdue, good care costs money. When you donate to PAW FUND, your money goes to provide direct services for animals. Vet services, spay and neuter surgeries, transportation for people who have no vehicle to get to the vet, urgent care for in need animals, rescue for adoptable at risk animals in shelters, help for community members needing to surrender their pets etc etc. The mission is always the same – by helping the animals we help people be better guardians, by helping people we keep animals safe, healthy and out of animal shelters.

Without the donations, we can provide no services. Help us help our community! Thank you!!

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