NEWS! Free Pet Vaccines. From Paw Fund to you! We need your help!

On May 22nd, PAW FUND is sponsoring the first ever low cost/free pet vaccine clinic in People’s Park in Berkeley.

Partnering with PALS (People And Animal Living Safely) we are taking services directly to the communities where they are needed. That idea is central to our mission of helping people take care of their own animals, which in turn means healthier pets and fewer animals surrendered to animal shelters. BUT we cannot do this work without support from you.

Every single day, the phone rings with calls from people who have nowhere to turn and have been referred to us from other agencies or vets. Their dog has an ear infection, their cat has an abcess, the pup of a friend was hit by a car or they just need preventive vaccines and simply cannot afford it.

There are very few low cost veterinary options in the East Bay, and no dedicated Pet Wellness Clinic.

That’s why PAW FUND was founded earlier this year.

A devoted dog or companion cat doesn’t care whether you live in a mansion or a basement, they don’t care if you drive a BMW or a Ford Pickup, or whether your yard is an acre of grass or a concrete lot. They love you unconditionally. But when a pet needs urgent care, the cost is often prohibitive for the most vulnerable in our society – a senior citizen on a low fixed income, or an individual who has lost a job or a home in this economy. Then the feelings of guilt are overwhelming.

PAW FUND helps where we can. But I’m reaching out because we simply can’t keep up with the needs – the need for Medical Emergency care, the need for life saving medications, the need for vaccines and flea treatments, de-wormers, food and supplies. And most people see the need to ‘fix’ their animals, but spay/neuter surgery seems like a luxury they just cannot afford right now.

We work locally, in our communities, partnering with other small groups and with veterinarians. We helped a young man whose family drove from Wisconsin to find work, and are now living in their broken truck waiting for employment. Their young pitbull Brindie sustained an injury which needed surgery and David her loving owner happily agreed to her being spayed at the same time. We helped a cat Edgar, whose leg had developed a dreadful abscess which refused to heal and finally needed to be drained and sutured. We have spayed or neutered over 20 dogs on the last 3 months from cities across Alameda and Contra Costa Counties. And now, our Low Cost Vaccine Clinic will take needed preventive care into the community. Open to everyone, and if you can afford to pay we won’t turn you away!!

Please Donate and give as much as you are able. We need you. Just click on the DONATE button and please add any information or send an email to with any questions or comments.


Jill Posener, Founder, PAW FUND



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