Now you can donate your car!

Thanks to my friend Rhonda, who decided to donate her car to PAW FUND, which meant we had to hustle to sign up for one of the car donation services. I had heard some horror stories about these services so we did some pretty deep research and I’m really happy with the company we found, based in Martinez, which already has a number of local animal orgs signed up with them.  Car Donation Services answered all of our scrutinizing questions with patience and we appreciated that a lot.  If you are looking for a way to donate that unused or unwanted vehicle:

Car Donation Services writes:

Why go through all the hassles of selling the vehicle, when a simple, five-minute phone call is all it takes? There is no cost to you, plus you get the satisfaction of helping animals, and you may be eligible for a tax deduction!

To donate your vehicle please call 1-888-686-4483 or 925-229-5444 and tell the operator you want to donate your vehicle to Paw Fund, or click and complete our on-line donation form.



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