Parvo – a killer disease, and preventable.

A beautiful sweet labrador was kept in an outdoor enclosure where she cried, day and night. Finally two Good Samaritans intervened and offered to buy the pup from the owner. The two women who rescued this pup called PAW FUND and asked if we could help with the puppy. Of course we said yes, and the dog was taken to one of the great vets we work with – and that should have been the beginning of the happy ending. But something wasn’t quite right and after the pup kept vomiting we ran a parvo test and unfortunately the pup (now named RIVER) came back positive for this horrible virus. She is now in isolation receiving intensive medical care and we are very confident she will recover fully.
We need funds to help pay her bills and as importantly we need a place for RIVER to go for recovery (she will need to be in a place with no other dogs) for a few weeks. Then we can spay, vaccinate and adopt out this special survivor.
PAW FUND works in at risk communities where people struggle to pay their bills and feed their families. Basic pet care is often out of reach. We provide free pet vaccine clinics, funding for low cost of free spay neuter and education and information to help people be the best pet guardians they can be. Help us to help RIVER and the next needy pup that comes our way. You can copy and paste the link below, send it to all your friends or post it on your social network sites! Thank you!

Donate to River’s Recovery!

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